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Animal Farm

Animal Farm


by George Orwell

Animal Farm Chapter 8 Summary

  • Okay, wait, but wasn't there some rule about not killing other animals?
  • Yeah, the animals thought so, too.
  • It's weird, though: when they read the rules now, they're different: now rule 6 just says something along the lines of not killing without cause.
  • Napoleon gets a new name, as "Napoleon" is not majestic enough. Now it is "Our Leader, Comrade Napoleon."
  • He's also becoming a total snob about the amount and consistency of the foam on his cappuccinos. Okay, we made that last part up. But he totally would, if he drank cappuccinos.
  • Napoleon sells timber to neighboring farmer Frederick, refusing to take payment by check (or rather, "cheque," since this is England), demanding cash instead.
  • Oops. Turns out the money was fake. That Frederick—such a prankster.
  • And then the humans attack again, this time dynamiting the windmill the animals were building.
  • Did we mention they were rebuilding the windmill?
  • Also, some bloodiness is involved in the battle, and Boxer is injured.
  • The pigs celebrate their "victory" by dressing up in clothes (not allowed) and drinking alcohol (also not allowed) inside the farmhouse (you got it—not allowed).

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