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Animal Farm

Animal Farm


by George Orwell

Clover (a horse) Timeline and Summary

  • Clover comes to hear about old Major’s dream.
  • Clover accepts all the principles of Animalism.
  • She confronts Mollie with accusations of consorting with one of Mr. Pilkington’s men.
  • She discovers sugar and ribbon in Mollie’s stall.
  • Clover toils with the other animals to build the windmill.
  • She is hurt by the public murders and leads the other animals in "Beasts of England."
  • Clover suspects something is off and asks to be read the Sixth Commandment.
  • Clover finds Boxer collapsed.
  • She is the first to see a pig walking on his hind legs.
  • She asks Benjamin to read her the Commandments.
  • Clover recognizes that the pigs have become just like men.