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Animal Farm

Animal Farm


by George Orwell

Napoleon (a pig) Timeline and Summary

  • Napoleon works with Snowball and Squealer to develop Animalism and then quickly gets to work cheating the system—by, for example, distracting the animals so that the pigs can have the five buckets of milk.
  • Napoleon takes away the nine pups. Hmmmmm, wonder what's going on with that?
  • Napoleon fights with Snowball, and uses the sheep to his advantage.
  • Napoleon pees on the windmill plans. Literally. And then he uses the dogs to expel Snowball and ends Sunday-morning meetings, so we're getting an idea that things are about to start going downhill, fast.
  • After deciding to build the windmill after all, he sells the hens' eggs to humans and entertains trade possibilities with either Mr. Pilkington or Mr. Frederick.
  • Just to avoid any confusion, he takes the title "Leader."
  • Now that his leadership's established, he begins a fun parade of horrors: blaming Snowball for the destruction of the first windmill, squashing a potential rebellion by starving the hens, and publicly killing animals who confess to (made-up) crimes
  • He takes on the title "Our Leader, Comrade Napoleon," as well as several other equally majestic titles.
  • After some trade switcheroos, he acts even more like a human by dressing in clothes and drinking whiskey.
  • Oh, but he also declares the drinking of alcohol to be punishable by death. Unless you're a pig, of course.
  • He makes plans for growing barley on the farm. (Barley = beer.)
  • Napoleon fathers a bunch of little piglets and keeps getting drunk.
  • Despite being drunk all the time, he somehow manages to walk on two legs with the other pigs.
  • He dresses up in Mr. Jones's clothes and meets with the humans.
  • Finally, he changes the name back to Manor Farm.
  • Transformation: complete.