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Animal Farm

Animal Farm


by George Orwell

Animal Farm: Quotes (What was Said) True or False

1. Who is "a large, rather fierce-looking Berkshire boar, the only Berkshire on the farm, not much of a talker, but with a reputation for getting his way"? -> Napoleon
2. Who said, "Comrades, you have heard already about the strange dream that I had last night"? -> The kid who sits next to you in Calculus
3. Who "seemed quite unchanged since the Rebellion"? -> Napoleon
4. Who explained, "The flag was green to represent the green fields of England, while the hoof and horn signified the future Republic of the Animals which would arise when the human race had been finally overthrown"? -> Squealer
5. Who said, "Gentlemen, here is my toast: To the prosperity of The Manor Farm!"? -> Napoleon