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Animal Farm

Animal Farm


by George Orwell

Snowball (a pig) Timeline and Summary

  • Snowball helps Napoleon and Squealer to develop Animalism and then leads the animals in cleaning human paraphernalia off the farm after the rebellion.
  • He writes out the Seven Commandments.
  • Snowball forms "Animal Committees" and teaches everyone to read and write, but it doesn't go so well.
  • To simplify things, he reduces the Seven Commandments to "Four legs good, two legs bad."
  • Snowball runs tactics in the Battle of the Cowshed and is awarded "Animal Hero, First Class."
  • Pretty soon, Napoleon and Snowball start fighting. Snowball wants to spread the revolution; Napoleon wants to gain more power. Snowball wants a windmill; Napoleon wants to pee on it.
  • Napoleon's dogs run Snowball off the farm.