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Animal Movement

Animal Movement

Animal Movement: Flipper Out With This True or False

1. Which of the following is a primary type of fish movement? -> Frontal Flipper
2. On which side of the fish is the caudal fin? -> Tail
3. What is it called when an animal remains motionless for most of its life? -> Hibernation
4. How fast can a starfish "walk" with its tube feet? -> 1 meters/minute
5. An animal with neutral buoyancy will have     ? -> The same density as water
6. Bats have over two-dozen joints in their wings that allow them to      . -> Fly very high
7. What are the thin membranes that flying squirrels can use for gliding called? -> Patagia
8. Bipedalism might have evolved because it     . -> Allowed specialization of forelimbs
9. What is a bait ball? -> Both A and B
10. Which of the following can complicate water movement? -> Water density