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Animal Movement

Animal Movement

Animal Movement: Take a Deep Breath Before This True or False

1. Which gas is required by the cell, and which gas is a waste product? -> Oxygen is required, Carbon dioxide is waste
2. In which direction does gas flow during diffusion? -> Low concentration to high concentration
3. Which type of animal would have a two-chambered heart? -> Bird
4. What are the benefits of a double circulation pathway over a single circulation pathway? -> One pump before the blood goes to the lungs and one pump before it goes to the body
5. When a dog inhales, what is the pathway that the air travels? -> nose → trachea → alveoli → bronchi
6. How many breaths does it take for one gulp of air to pass through a bird? -> 2 inhales and 2 exhales
7. Amphibians can breathe through their lungs and their     . -> Kidney
8. Which of the following does not increase surface area available for respiration? -> All of the above
9. Which of the following is not found in a hemocoel? -> Hemocyanin
10. A pacemaker is used when a patient has a defective     . -> Hypothalamus