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Animal Movement

Animal Movement

Animal Movement: Things Are Starting to Heat Up True or False

1. Which of the following is most important for enzymes to function? -> Its internal temperature
2. Sodium chloride is dissolved in the bloodstream. Sodium chloride is a      . -> Blood clot
3. In osmosis, water flows from: -> Areas of low temperature to areas of high temperature
4. The order of the three stages of homeostasis is     . -> Sensing → Processing → Responding
5. The pathway leading towards the brain is the      pathway. -> Afferent
6. Saltwater fish osmoregulate by     . -> Expelling dilute urine
7. Diabetes is a failure of which stage of homeostasis? -> Processing
8. Which of the following is NOT a class of animal as determined by the constancy of their body temperature? -> Endotherm
9. What is the period of dormancy called that occurs during the summer months? -> Estivation
10. Shivering and brown fat are types of temperature regulation in which animal? a. Bird -> Cow