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Animal Movement

Animal Movement

Animal Movement Resources


Dinosaur Breath

Before dinosaurs could have terrifying roars, they had to first be able to breathe. Learn how scientists believe they did so by studying amphibian and reptile respiration.

Learn How To Hibernate

Science daily is the frontier of science. The advanced article gives a glimpse into how animal hibernation studies are putting us just a hair away from human application.


The Biology Dictionary

Have a common case of biology word befuddlement? Try biology-online.com's dictionary. The entry for homeostasis is a primo example.

Heart Works

As Captain Planet knows, heart is one of the most important powers. Howstuffworks teaches us more about this powerful organ that powers the human circulatory system.


Naked Scientists

The Naked Scientists (not actually a scientist baring it all) answer a burning question from a freezing Russian about thermoregulation.

Free Willy and Osmoregulation

Marine animals are constantly surrounded by a liquid that could kill them. Not to be overdramatic or anything. Milos Radakovich does a better job keeping his cool while he discusses osmoregulation.


Climbing Walls Using Biology

Biologist Robert Full studies crazy (and somewhat creepy) critters. TED talks are full of jaw-dropping information and this video is no exception. Full's studies of cockroaches and geckos are helping to engineer the next generation of robots that will climb walls so well that they will make Spiderman blush.

The Secret Life of Birds

The science ninjas at NOVA hit you with knowledge bombs about how bird flocks and schools of fish naturally emerge and how this could help explain the origin of consciousness and even life itself. Deep stuff.

If Cheetah Beats Greyhound, Does it Beat Scissors, Too?

Cat or dog lover, if you're looking for fast, the feline Cheetah is always going to beat the greyhound. Why? Find out here.

Games and Tools

Biology Games

If you're puzzled by all these moving parts, fear not, you can practice your knowledge of the circulatory and respiratory system with the puzzles at anatomyarcade.

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