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Animal Movement

How long have you been sitting at the computer? Are you stuck to the chair yet? Okay, we don't have to focus on how long you've been sedentary, but when you finally decide to move, how wi...

Animal Circulation

Basics of Circulatory Systems: Open vs. Closed Animals are comprised of trillions of cells, and each cell in the body needs a supply of oxygen and nutrients in order to survive. To deliver these th...

Animal Respiration

Every cell in an animal requires oxygen to perform cellular respiration which gives off carbon dioxide and water as waste products. Respiration is the process by which animals exchange these gases...


At every moment an animal's body is a beautifully choreographed performance of cells working together. Think of it like it like a theater production with trillions of cast members all on the stage...

Temperature Regulation

Temperature regulation is, perhaps, the most variable and the most noticeable form of homeostasis. There are enzymes within all cells that require optimal temperatures for them to remain functional...

Common Mistakes

Animal MovementOversimplification of the Physics of AerodynamicsAccording to NASA, many textbooks incorrectly describe the aerodynamic principles of flight because they attempt to oversimplify them...

Test Your Knowledge!

Animal Movement1) If you were a fish (and if all these activities were possible), how would you try to disguise yourself from a fisherman using a sonar fish finder?(A) Curl up your tail fin(B) Swim...

Made From Trees

Alerstam, T., & Christie, D. A. (1993). Bird migration (Repr. ed.). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.Alexander, D. (20042002). Nature's flyers: birds, insects, and the biomechanics of flig...

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