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Animal Reproduction

Animal Reproduction

Animal Reproduction: Gamete On True or False

1. Which is not a form of asexual reproduction? -> Copulation
2. Meiosis makes gametes diverse because of: -> All of the above
3. Vibrations may cause an egg to hatch early because they signal: -> Predators are approaching
4. If an animal mates with more than one partner in one mating season it is: -> Monogamous
5. Which is a type of intersexual selection? -> A male crashing antlers with another male
6. What are the benefits of internal fertilization? -> No wasted gametes
7. Which of the following is a monotreme? -> Pig
8. A special structure in mammals called a _____________ helps with mother/embryo gas exchange -> placenta
9. The ectoderm will become the -> digestive tract and the respiratory tract, thymus, gallbladder, urethra, and bladder
10. A form of asexual reproduction in which a parent splits into two or more parts is called: -> Gestation