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Animal Reproduction

Animal Reproduction

Animal Reproduction: Pass Me Those Genes True or False

1. Why do parents likely sacrifice for their offspring? -> It helps to pass on their genes.
2. Which of the following has an arrested stage? -> Oogenesis
3. The __________hormonal cycle causes certain types of mammals to shed their uterine lining if they have no fertilized egg. -> asexual
4. The ____________ connects the fetus to the placenta -> allantois
5. Courtship rituals are important so that___________________, -> mates don’t feel threatened by each other's presence
6. How do hermaphrodite flatworms reproduce? -> One flatworm eats the other, including its gametes.
7. Why do amniotes need special adaptations on their eggs? -> They give birth to many eggs.
8. Some animal fathers play a role in -> (B) and (C) only
9. Which of the following is viviparous? -> Polar bear
10. Certain water creatures release gametes into the water in a process called ______________. -> spawning