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Animal Reproduction

Animal Reproduction

Animal Reproduction: Is Three Eggcessive? True or False

1. What makes sexual reproduction better than asexual reproduction? -> It can produce many offspring and the offspring are diverse.
2. After an unequal division in meiosis a __________ is formed. -> ovary
3. Based only on gametes, would you expect a male or a female to be "choosier?" -> Neither would be choosy
4. It is important that the penis and the vagina_____________. -> none of the above
5. What is the purpose of spikes on a penis? -> To prevent the copulation from ending too soon
6. Which type of animal would likely protect a brood of eggs? -> Elephant
7. Which is not a layer of an amniotic egg? -> Allantois
8. Lactation is used to feed the young of all _____________. -> marsupials
9. The purpose of the acrosome is to: -> Eat through the egg's wall
10. Which of the following animals is oviparous? -> Camel