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Animal Reproduction

Animal Reproduction

Animal Reproduction Resources



The newest, cutest baby animals from the world's accredited zoos and aquariums. Challenge: set this as your home page and try not to spend hours on the site everyday.


Salmon Spawning

Check out fish reproduction.

Wolf Love

Check out wolf mating.

Gecko Love

Check out gecko mating.

But, why?

It's so much easier to just use your energy to find food. Why do animals go through all the trouble of trying to reproduce? (Besides trying to create adorable baby animals). This PBS documentary attempts to answer the question "Why sex?"

Dinosaur Love

Did you ever wonder how dinosaurs did the deed? The discovery channel’s "Tyrannosaurus Sex" teaches about dinosaur mating.

Birth Control and Animals

Dr. Carin Bondar discusses animal prostitution and birth control. No, seriously.

Birds and Bees: How They Work

For everything we know about anatomy, we still do not know some of the basics like how the mammalian erection works. Diane Kelly tries to help us out.


Read All About Animal Reproduction

Livescience has a plethora of articles about animal sex. It would be unjust for you to read just one.


Hear About Sperm Here

Sperm! A podcast where they hail the gametes of males (including sperm whales).

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