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Animal Systems

Animal Systems

Animal Systems: No One is Immune to This True or False

1. Insulin is released from which endocrine gland? -> Pancreas
2. Cortisol is a product of the HPA axis. The other hormones that act within this signaling pathway are ______ and ______. -> adrenocorticotrophic hormone / corticotrophin releasing hormone
3. The enteric system is responsible for controlling _________. -> the endocrine system
4. _______,circulates to different brain areas to provide nutrients and energy. -> Grey Matter
5. Glucocorticoids and mineralocorticoids are released from the ________. -> adrenal glands
6. Increased heart rate occurs due to ________ stimulation. -> parasymapthetic nervous system
7. A mother passing on certain antibodies and pathogen resistances to her baby through breast milk is an example of _______. -> passive immunity
8. Which is not a part of the innate immune response? -> Macrophages
9. Hormones that regulate the release of other hormones are called _______. -> anti-growth hormones
10. What mediates the communication between the immune system and the nervous system? -> Cytokines