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Animal Systems

Animal Systems

Animal Systems: Let's Get Those Synapses Firing! True or False

1. Which neurotransmitter is lacking in patients with Parkinson's disease? -> Dopamine
2. Which is not a neurotransmitter in the sympathetic nervous system? -> Glutamate
3. The ______ is part of the nervous and endocrine systems. -> hypothalamus
4. Glucagon is secreted from which type of cells in the pancreas? -> Phagocytes
5. The HPA axis directly communicates with the immune system with which hormone? -> Cortisol
6. For activation, T cells recognize ________. -> Both (B) and (C)
7. Which is NOT a steroid hormone? -> Prolactin
8. Where are neurotransmitter receptors located? -> Postsynaptic dendrites
9. Both adrenal glands release hormones that respond to stress, but the adrenal medulla releases _____ while the adrenal cortex releases _____. -> catecholamines / corticosteroids
10. What is the first immune response towards an invading pathogen? -> Innate