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Animal Systems

Animal Systems


1. How do cytokines from the immune system communicate with the nervous and endocrine systems?→(A), (B), and (C)
2. The PNS is divided into what two nervous systems?→Innate and adaptive
3. Which part of the brain controls the auditory and visual responses?→Forebrain
4. Match the system with the chemical it uses for communication.→Endocrine – hormone, nervous – neurotransmitter, immune – cytokine
5. The saying "Rest and Digest" refers to which two parts of the PNS?→Parasympathetic and enteric
6. Which is NOT a pathogen?→Interferon
7. When the adaptive immune system is over-working, __________ help limit its activity.→suppressor T cells
8. Multiple sclerosis is a disease of which body system(s)?→Endocrine and nervous
9. Activated B cells release _______.→cytokines
10. The hormone cascade pathway responsible for thyroid hormone release involves ______.→hypothalamus, pituitary, and thyroid glands
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