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Animal Systems

Animal Systems

Animal Systems: Don't Be Nervous About the Nervous System Quiz

Think you’ve got your head wrapped around Animal Systems? Put your knowledge to the test. Good luck — the Stickman is counting on you!
Q. How do cytokines from the immune system communicate with the nervous and endocrine systems?

Stimulating peripheral nerves
Activating the hypothalamus
Activating the brain
(A), (B), and (C)
(A) and (C)
Q. The PNS is divided into what two nervous systems?

Parasympathetic and sympathetic
Innate and adaptive
Humoral and cell-mediated
Autonomic and somatic
Motor and sensory
Q. Which part of the brain controls the auditory and visual responses?

White matter
Q. Match the system with the chemical it uses for communication.

Endocrine – hormone, nervous – neurotransmitter, immune – interferon
Endocrine – cytokine, nervous – neurotransmitter, immune – hormone
Endocrine – hormone, nervous – axon, immune – cytokine
Endocrine – pheromone, nervous – hormone, immune – interferon
Endocrine – hormone, nervous – neurotransmitter, immune – cytokine
Q. The saying "Rest and Digest" refers to which two parts of the PNS?

Parasympathetic and enteric
Autonomic and enteric
Sympathetic and enteric
Somatic and parasympathetic
Parasympathetic and autonomic
Q. Which is NOT a pathogen?

Cancer cell
Q. When the adaptive immune system is over-working, __________ help limit its activity.

suppressor T cells
B cells
helper T cells
autoimmune cells
Q. Multiple sclerosis is a disease of which body system(s)?

Endocrine and nervous
Endocrine and immune
Immune and nervous
Q. Activated B cells release _______.

the inflammatory response
Q. The hormone cascade pathway responsible for thyroid hormone release involves ______.

pituitary and thyroid glands
hypothalamus, pituitary, and thyroid glands
hypothalamus and thyroid glands
hypothalamus, pineal, and thyroid glands
adrenal cortex and pituitary