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Anna Karenina

Anna Karenina


by Leo Tolstoy

Anna Karenina Part 2, Chapter 20 Summary

  • Vronsky lives in a spacious Finnish cottage with Petritsky now that the regiment is out in the country.
  • Yashvin prods Petritsky with a toe and wakes up the man. Petritsky is suffering the consequences of having drunk too much the night before.
  • According to Petritsky, Vronsky's older brother called on him.
  • Petritsky is cranky and has a bad taste in his mouth. Yashvin suggests drinking some vodka. Petritsky tries to get everyone else to drink with him. Finally he remembers that Vronsky's brother left a letter. He tries to remember where he left it, and finally locates the letter.
  • In the letter, both Vronsky's brother and mother complain. His mother complains that Vronsky hasn't come to see her, and his brother says that he wants to talk to Vronsky.
  • Vronsky leaves to inspect his racehorse (and see Anna). Also, he's avoiding drinking because he doesn't want to add to his weight before the races.
  • On his way out, some officers make fun of his premature baldness.

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