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Annabel Lee

Annabel Lee


by Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee Resources


E.A. Poe Society
Packed with info about Poe, as well as copies of all his stories and poems.

Historical Documents

Poe's Obituary
Here's a copy of the obituary where "Annabel Lee" was first published. It's also a neat look at what someone who knew Poe thought of his work.


Annabel Lee Slideshow
A reading of the poem paired with images and video.


Listen to "Annabel Lee"

A dramatic reading of Poe's poem.

Choral Version of "Annabel Lee"

The poem set to music and sung by a choir.

A "Rock" Version of "Annabel Lee"

We're not sure how hard this one rocks, but it's kind of cool to hear another musical version of this song. Also gives you a feel for how popular this poem still is.


E.A. Poe Galleries

A whole bunch of Poe-related images. The ones of his grave are especially appropriate and spooky.

Virginia Clemm Poe

A famous image of Poe's child bride.

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