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Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway

by Carol Ann Duffy
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Anne Hathaway Love Quotes

How we cite our quotes:

Quote #1

The bed we loved in was a spinning worldof forests, castles, torchlight, clifftops, seaswhere we would dive for pearls. […] (1-3)

Anne addresses the haters right away by explaining the meaning of Shakespeare's will. That second best bed was "the bed [they] loved in," and it was a magical and romantic place.

Quote #2

[…] My lover's wordswere shooting stars which fell to earth as kisseson these lips; my body now a softer rhymeto his, now echo, assonance; his toucha verb dancing in the centre of a noun. (3-7)

Anne uses all kinds of poetry-related words to describe their sex life. Their bodies rhyme and even echo each other. Shakespeare's very words are like shooting stars which kiss Anne's lips. There's clearly a lot of passion in this relationship.

Quote #3

[…] Romanceand drama played by touch, by scent, by taste. (9-10)

While other people get to experience Shakespeare through his poems and plays, Anne gets the man himself. She gets to touch, smell, and taste Shakespeare. Mmm, delicious.

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