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Antebellum Period Websites

Stowe's Creation, Mutated Through the Decades

A fantastic multi-media archive from the University of Virginia, relating to Uncle Tom's Cabin and its place in American culture across several decades. Includes a wealth of visual and textual primary sources, including African-American and Southern white responses to the novel.

The Greatest Showman's Showplace

A wonderful exploration of P.T. Barnum's "Lost Museum," with primary source documents.

Barnum's Birthplace

The Barnum Museum in P.T.'s birthplace, Bridgeport Connecticut.

Nineteenth-Century Theater

New York Public Library site on the performing arts, with original images of actor lithographs and playbills.

"Blacking Up"

PBS's American Experience site on blackface minstrelsy.

Race and Stereotypes

Ethnic Notions (1986) is a fantastic documentary on the black image in the white mind; it includes depictions of African-Americans under slavery and long thereafter, with an extremely valuable analysis of blackface minstrelsy.

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