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Interview with Antigone

Antigone's Blog

The Anti-gram

Wuddup everybody! This blog goes out to all those other girls out there who stand up for what they think is right no matter what. It ain't easy doing the right thing, that's for sure. Back in my day, it was especially hard for a girl to stand up to all the jerky males who ran everything. Still, what's right is right, right?!

Reasons Why I Was Right and Creon Was Wrong

For those of y'all that don't know, I got into a major fight with my uncle Creon back in the day. See, my idiot brothers, Eteocles and Polyneices, got into a big tiff about who was going to rule Thebes and ended up killing each other over it. My uncle Creon became the new king and decreed that Eteocles would be buried with all the proper rites, but that Polyneices' body had to be left to rot. Anybody who buried Polyneices would be put to death. Well, guess who buried Polyneices and got buried alive for it? Yup, yours truly.

Anyway, here's a list of all the reasons I was right to do what I did:

  • The war wasn't really Polyneices' fault. Eteocles started it by refusing to share the throne like he and Polyneices agreed.
  • Not burying Polyneices was a majorly harsh sentence. Without the proper burial rights, his ghost would never be allowed to enter the Underworld and would have to wander the earth eternally.
  • Having bodies sitting around is just gross—dogs, buzzards, flies—it ain't pretty.
  • The gods themselves were totally on my side. They hate it when the proper burial procedures aren't followed. It goes against the order of things. Creon's decree was downright unholy.
  • Polyneices was my brother. I just couldn't let that happen to his body and soul no matter how big of an idiot he was. You stick by family no matter what. Maybe Creon should've remembered that, and everything wouldn't have turned out so badly for him.
  • The war was over. Creon should have been reconciling the people of Thebes, not creating more division.
  • Seriously, leaving dead bodies around is just totally disgusting.


KingCre999: This blog ought to be taken off the Internet! It's full of nothing but ridiculous slander about one of the greatest kings Thebes ever saw.

beatthesphinx65: Creon, tell me the truth. Isn't it just embarrassing to be you sometimes?

KingCre999: Are you serious, Oedipus? You're the one who ought to be embarrassed. Killing your father and marrying your mother. No wonder your kids were so messed up.

beatthesphinx65: I did all my terrible things accidentally. You were totally conscious when you decided to let my boy Polyneices' body rot and bury my daughter Antigone alive.

KingCre999: I did change my mind, you know. I tried to get Antigone out of the tomb, but she'd hung herself.

beatthesphinx65: Yeah, she was totally freaked out because you buried her alive!

KingCre999: My son Haemon killed himself because of her! My wife killed herself because of him! Do I really still deserve to be badmouthed on the Internet?

beatthesphinx65: All I know is that Antigone is a good girl. She was the only one who stuck by me during my years of exile. She guided her poor, old, blind dad around and never complained. She deserved better and you didn't give it to her.

Antitothegone: Thanks, Dad! ;)

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