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Antigone's Wall


Hey, best daughter ever! We going for a walk today?

Of course, Daddy.


How come I'm never invited?

I didn't see you helping to guide me around the wilderness after I was exiled.

Well, you didn't see anything, did you, Dad? Since for some stupid reason you thought it was a good idea to gouge your eyes out before we left.

Okay, maybe I should have thought that one through a little more.

Yeah... “maybe.”

Don't give me lip, girl. You're just trying to deflect the conversation from the fact that Ismene is a lousy daughter.


You know, in some versions of the myth, I am with you guys.

Yeah, well I didn't read those.

Maybe if you'd kept your eyes...

Just stop it.


Antigone! Are you coming over tonight? Eteocles and I are going to kick it all night.


Rock out!

What are y'all doing?


Crushing cans against our foreheads. It's going to be awesome.

Wow, so glad I died to make sure you were buried properly and could enter the Underworld. Seems like you're using your afterlife really wisely.


Hey, don't hate on the P-Dog.

Since when are y'all friends again, anyway?


Hey, we killed each other. Seems pretty even now, right?

You know, it would've been nice if you guys could've found a way to be friends back when we were all still alive.


Yeah, yeah... so are you down with crushing cans against your head or not?

Fine. What else would I be doing?

Did everybody see Persephone's expose on YouTube?! She's totally right. Forcing ghosts to pay a gold coin to cross into the Underworld is total extortion. Charon is an old money-grubbing ferryman and must be stopped! Who's with me?!

Right on, Antigone!

I'm with you.

I'm in.


I think you should reconsider.

Seriously, Ismene?


You just ought to think about it a little more, right? I mean, just think about what Lord Hades will do.

I will throw all of you into Tartarus, except for Persephone who I will lock in her room.



I'm out.

Tartarus, here I come.

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