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by Sophocles

Antigone Timeline and Summary

  • At the beginning of Antigone, Antigone and her sister Ismene return to Thebes in an attempt to help their brothers. The sisters learn that both of their brothers are dead.
  • Antigone asks Ismene to help her bury her brother Polyneices, whom Creon has refused to allow to be buried. Ismene says the danger is too substantial and that they will not succeed. Antigone disagrees. She feels it’s morally imperative and within their power. She decides to act alone.
  • Antigone performs the burial rites, but is caught in the act.
  • A sentry brings Antigone to Creon.
  • Creon attempts to humiliate Antigone but is unsuccessful. She confesses quickly, and willingly accepts and even welcomes death.
  • Antigone refuses to allow Ismene to take any blame for the crime.
  • Creon locks Antigone away.
  • Antigone hangs herself in prison.