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by Sophocles
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Antigone Power Quotes

How we cite our quotes:

Quote #1

GUARD May I not speak, or must I turn and go Without a word?-- CREON Begone! canst thou not see That e'en this question irks me? GUARD Where, my lord? Is it thy ears that suffer, or thy heart? CREON Why seek to probe and find the seat of pain? GUARD I gall thine ears--this miscreant thy mind. CREON What an inveterate babbler! get thee gone! GUARD Babbler perchance, but innocent of the crime. CREON Twice guilty, having sold thy soul for gain. GUARD Alas! how sad when reasoners reason wrong. CREON Go, quibble with thy reason. If thou fail'st To find these malefactors, thou shalt own The wages of ill-gotten gains is death. (313-327)

Creon, irritated by the guard, threatens him with death. This is a far cry from the Creon we encountered in Oedipus the King.

Quote #2

CREON Of all these Thebans none so deems but thou. ANTIGONE These think as I, but bate their breath to thee. CREON Hast thou no shame to differ from all these? ANTIGONE To reverence kith and kin can bring no shame. (506-512)

Emboldened by his power, Creon attempts to shame Antigone because her views are different from his.

Quote #3

CREON Not even death can make a foe a friend. ANTIGONE My nature is for mutual love, not hate. CREON Die then, and love the dead if thou must; No woman shall be the master while I live. (522-524)

Creon’s power has made him arrogant and cold.

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