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by Sophocles

Antigone Women and Femininity Quotes

How we cite our quotes: Citations follow this format: (Line). We used Francis Storr's translation found on Project Gutenberg.

Quote #4

Not even death can make a foe a friend.
My nature is for mutual love, not hate.
Die then, and love the dead if thou must;
No woman shall be the master while I live. (522-524)

Creon reveals that his reasoning is based on sexism, not on rationality.

Quote #5

What evils are not wrought by Anarchy!
She ruins States, and overthrows the home,
She dissipates and routs the embattled host;
While discipline preserves the ordered ranks.
Therefore we must maintain authority
And yield to title to a woman's will.
Better, if needs be, men should cast us out
Than hear it said, a woman proved his match. (671-680)

Creon attributes anarchy to women and feels strongly that a social structure favoring men must be maintained.

Quote #6

Play not the spaniel, thou a woman's slave.
When thou dost speak, must no man make reply? (754-755)

Creon insults Haemon by suggesting he is subservient to Antigone.

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