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The Tragedy of Antony and Cleopatra

The Tragedy of Antony and Cleopatra


1. Who said, "I will to Egypt; And though I make this marriage for my peace, I’ th’ East my pleasure lies."? -> Antony
2. Who said, "Contemning Rome, he has done all this and more In Alexandria. Here’s the manner of’t: I’ th’ market-place, on a tribunal silver’d"? -> Caesar
3. Who said, "Fare thee well, dame, whate’er becomes of me. This is a soldier’s kiss."? -> Antony
4. Who said, "O, never was there queen So mightily betray’d!"? -> Cleopatra
5. Who said, "By Isis, I will give thee bloody teeth If thou with Caesar paragon again My man of men."? -> Antony
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