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If concepts like "national budget," "GDP," and "international trade" make your eyes glaze over, check out Shmoop's AP Macroeconomics guide for a crash course in real-world issues...and a slew of helpful tips for conquering the exam.

Test-Taking Tips

Specifically designed for mastering the AP Macroeconomics exam. Learn why you should focus your studying on inflation and unemployment, why the Fed is so darn important, and what makes macroeconomics so much bigger than microeconomics.

Four Full-Length Practice Exams

Curious about what it is really like to answer 60 multiple-choice questions in 70 minutes and answer 3 multi-part prompts in another 60? Take a full-length practice exam with Shmoop... and then take three. Because we have four.

Practice Drills

If you forget everything you read approximately three seconds after you read it, never fear: polish your mad macro skills with drills, more drills, and—you guessed it—even more drills.

Extreme Topic Review

Check out our in-depth study guide and practice problems galore on each of the topics.

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Prepping for your AP exam and not sure where to start? Take a diagnostic exam to figure out what works, what doesn't, and what you need to do to get the scores of your dreams.

  • Comparative Advantage, Absolute Advantage, Specialization & Exchange

  • Macroeconomic Issues: Business Cycle, Unemployment, Inflation & Growth

  • Measurement of Economic Importance

  • Real vs. Nominal GDP, GDP Deflator, and Consumer Price Index

  • Economic Growth & Productivity

  • The Financial Sector

  • Stocks and Bonds

  • The Fed, Banks and the Creation of Money

  • National Income & Price Determination

  • Mechanics of Economic Fluctuations

  • Inflation, Unemployment & Stabilization Policies

  • Fiscal Policy and Limitations of Monetary Policy

  • Open Economy: International Trade & Finance

  • Inflation, Unemployment & Stabilization Policies

  • Balance of Payments and Exchange Rates

  • And a lot more!

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