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by John Updike

Sammy Timeline and Summary

  • Sammy notices that three girls wearing bathing suits have entered the A&P.
  • Sammy and his co-worker Stokesie watch the three girls walk around the store.
  • Sammy becomes particularly interested in the girl he sees as the leader of the group, and he nicknames her "Queenie."
  • Queenie gets into Sammy's checkout lane, and he watches her take her money out of her bathing suit top.
  • After Lengel, the manager, arrives and tells the girls that it's not right to wear bathing suits in the grocery store, Sammy rings up Queenie's herring snacks and hands over her change.
  • Sammy quits his job.
  • He leaves the A&P.
  • In the parking lot, Sammy watches his ex-boss Lengel through the windows of the A&P.