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Aphrodite (Venus)

Greeks call her Aphrodite, Romans call her Venus, but everybody calls her drop dead gorgeous. One of the most worshipped of Greek deities, Aphrodite is the goddess of love, beauty, and procreation. As you might guess, Aphrodite has a pretty wild love life. She provides Olympus with more scandal and trouble than it could ever want. She is often vain, selfish, vengeful, and untrustworthy. Still, though, both god and mortal can’t get enough of Aphrodite's unearthly beauty and irresistible sensual charms. There's no one quite like her.

Basic Information

NicknameVenus, Cytherea
Current cityMount Olympus

Work & Education

OccupationGoddess of Love, Sex, and Beauty
EducationThe ocean taught me everything I know


Political viewsMe

Family & Friends (& Enemies)

ParentsOuranos (dad) and the ocean (mom)
ChildrenEros, Pothos, Anteros, Himeros, Harmonia, Aeneas, and many more (Hey, don't judge. I'm the goddess of procreation, what do you expect?)
FriendsEros (My son is my fave friend)
Dionysus (He throws the best parties)
EnemiesThe whole Greek army
Psyche, my daughter-in-law


Relationship statusMarried to Hephaestus. But what he doesn't know won't hurt him. ;)
It's complicated with Ares
Interested inYou


Quotations"I wanna love you every day and every night"
– Bob Marley

"There's a fire starting in my heart" 
– Adele

"My persuasion can build a nation/ Endless power, the love we can devour/ You'll do anything for me" 
– Beyoncé, "Run the World (Girls)"

"Yeah my money's so tall that my Barbie's gotta climb it" 
– Nicki Minaj
BooksSimply Irresistible: Unleash Your Inner Siren and Mesmerize Any Man, with Help from the Most Famous–and Infamous—Women in History by Ellen T. White
Lady Chatterley's Lover by D.H. Lawrence
homage to my hips by Lucille Clifton
Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert
How do I love thee? by Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Cosmopolitan Magazine
Marie Claire Magazine
The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
The Shiver trilogy by Maggie Stiefvater
The Fallen series by Lauren Kate
MusicAnything that makes me want to get my dance on ;)
Beyoncé (she is a goddess)
Anything by Madonna, especially Like a Prayer
Justin Timberlake (sigh)
Robin Thicke
Christina Aguilera (I heart Burlesque)
MoviesMoulin Rouge
Bride and Prejudice
Love Actually
Romeo + Juliet
Bring It On
Dirty Dancing
Mean Girls
TV ShowsGossip Girl
What Not To Wear
Keeping Up With The Kardashians
Friday Night Lights (You're MINE, Tim Riggins)
The Bachelorette
Covert Affairs (I heart you, Auggie)

Activities & Interests

LikesPOM Wonderful (I'm their spokesgirl.)
Doves and swans
Scallop shells
Love letters
Valentine's Day
Chocolate-dipped strawberries
Fun dates
ActivitiesLooking at myself in the mirror
Helping mortals feel beautiful
Wearing the gorgeous jewelry my hubby makes me
Seducing people
Opening presents
Swimming in the ocean surf
InterestsSex, love, and romance
GroupsGods of Olympus
The Hottest Olympians
Dear Lord, may Taylor Lautner never find his shirt again. Amen.

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