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Apollo and Daphne
Apollo and Daphne
  • True/False
  • Catch Me If You Can

Apollo and Daphne: Catch Me If You Can True or False

1. 1. Why is Apollo so full of himself at the beginning of the story? What has he just accomplished? -> b. He has just killed the Python of Delphi.
2. 2. What does Apollo do to offend Cupid? -> b. He insults Cupid's mom, Aphrodite.
3. 3. What does Cupid do to Apollo in revenge? -> a. He shoots him with a gold-tipped arrow.
4. 4. What do Cupid's gold-tipped arrows do? -> c. They make people fall madly in love with the first person they see.
5. 5. What do Cupid's lead-tipped arrows do? -> b. They make people feel indifferent to the first person they see.
6. 6. What happens when Apollo is struck in the heart with Cupid's gold-tipped arrow? -> a. He sleeps for eight days.
7. 7. What happens when Daphne is struck in the heart with Cupid's lead-tipped arrow? -> b. She forgets who she is.
8. 8. What does Daphne ask her father to do? -> c. She asks her father to let her remain a virgin forever.
9. 9. What does Daphne's father, Peneus, do in the end? -> a. He turns Daphne into a laurel tree.
10. 10. What does Apollo do after Daphne is turned into a laurel tree? -> b. He makes the laurel tree his sacred tree, and gives it a bit of his youth.
11. 11. How was the laurel tree used in ancient Greek culture? -> a. Its sap was used to make many different kinds of medicine.