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Apollo and Daphne
Apollo and Daphne
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Apollo and Daphne: Catch Me If You Can Quiz

Think you’ve got your head wrapped around Apollo and Daphne? Put your knowledge to the test. Good luck — the Stickman is counting on you!




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Q. 1. Why is Apollo so full of himself at the beginning of the story? What has he just accomplished?

a. He has just severed Medusa's head.
b. He has just killed the Python of Delphi.
c. He has just stolen Hermes' cattle.
d. He has just won American Idol.
Q. 2. What does Apollo do to offend Cupid?

a. He seduces Cupid's wife, Psyche.
b. He insults Cupid's mom, Aphrodite.
c. He claims he's way better looking than Cupid.
d. He boasts that he is better with a bow and arrow than Cupid.
Q. 3. What does Cupid do to Apollo in revenge?

a. He shoots him with a gold-tipped arrow.
b. He steals Apollo's bow and arrow.
c. He seduces Apollo's lover, Daphne.
d. He spreads a rumor that Apollo has seriously bad B.O.
Q. 4. What do Cupid's gold-tipped arrows do?

a. They make people fall asleep.
b. They make people lose their memory.
c. They make people fall madly in love with the first person they see.
d. They make people feel immortal and invincible.
Q. 5. What do Cupid's lead-tipped arrows do?

a. They make people hug the first person they see.
b. They make people feel indifferent to the first person they see.
c. They make people write a love poem to the first person they see.
d. They make people burst into song.
Q. 6. What happens when Apollo is struck in the heart with Cupid's gold-tipped arrow?

a. He sleeps for eight days.
b. He turns every mortal around him into a tree.
c. He falls madly in love with Daphne.
d. He challenges Peneus to a fight.
Q. 7. What happens when Daphne is struck in the heart with Cupid's lead-tipped arrow?

a. She falls madly in love with Cupid.
b. She forgets who she is.
c. She transforms into a cow.
d. She is grossed out by Apollo and runs away from him.
Q. 8. What does Daphne ask her father to do?

a. She asks her dad for some money.
b. She asks her dad to let her marry Apollo.
c. She asks her father to let her remain a virgin forever.
d. She asks her father to let her go to Camp Half-Blood for the summer.
Q. 9. What does Daphne's father, Peneus, do in the end?

a. He turns Daphne into a laurel tree.
b. He marries her off to Apollo.
c. He grounds her.
d. He sends her to Mount Olympus.
Q. 10. What does Apollo do after Daphne is turned into a laurel tree?

a. He turns himself into a laurel tree too, and plants himself next to Daphne.
b. He makes the laurel tree his sacred tree, and gives it a bit of his youth.
c. He carves a heart and the initials A + D into the laurel tree.
d. He cries for eight days, and his tears make the laurel tree grow bigger and bigger.
Q. 11. How was the laurel tree used in ancient Greek culture?

a. Its sap was used to make many different kinds of medicine.
b. Wreaths of its leaves were used to decorate the winners of sports competitions.
c. Its leaves were placed over the doorway of every home and business.
d. The wood of the laurel tree was used to build Apollo's temples.