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Apollo and Daphne Trivia

Brain Snacks: Tasty Tidbits of Knowledge

In the <em>Percy Jackson</em> series, Zeus turns his demigod daughter, Thalia, into a pine tree to save her from a hoard of monsters (source).

We're guessing Daphne Blake of <em>Scooby Doo</em> fame just might be named after the famous nymph. Both of these ladies are attractive and unattainable.

Daphne Millbrook from the show <em>Heroes</em> is yet another modern character named after our favorite nymph.  Just like the nymph from Greek myth, the lightning fast Millbrook does a lot of running.

Princess Daphne from the '80s arcade game, Dragon's Lair, was one of the first fully developed video game characters.  Yet again we see a character named Daphne as an object of desire.

Season 2 of <em>True Blood</em> features a shape-shifter by the name of Daphne. Was she inspired by Apollo's love?  Considering that Season 2 had a lot of links to Greek mythology, we wouldn't be surprised.

There's a town in Alabama named after Daphne (source).  It seems like it's very nice.

An opera by Peri titled <em>Dafne</em> was inspired by the ancient Greek myth, and it's considered to be the first opera ever written (source).

The bay laurel, which Daphne turns into, is where bay leaves come from – good in soup, chili, you name it (source).

Chinese folk tales tell of a laurel tree that grows on the moon (source).

Have you ever head of a baccalaureate or a poet laureate?  Well, laureate means "crowned in laurels" and comes from the ancient practice of honoring people with wreathes of laurel (source).

Laurel leaves are said to have many medicinal purposes. Some think that headaches, indigestion, arthritis pain, and sleeplessness can all be helped with some of these useful leaves (source).

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