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Apollo is one of the most popular gods, and everybody wants to worship him (back in ancient Greece he was a total rock star). Is it because he's the god of music and rocks out on the lyre? Is it because he's the god of prophecy and everybody wants to know the future? Who knows? But the bottom line is that Apollo is the coolest kid in school.

Basic Information

NicknamePythian Apollo, Phobus, Phoebus, Apollo Apotropaeus, Sol, and many more
BirthdayOn the day Hera forced my mother to wander the world looking for a place to give birth, until she found the floating island of Delos
Current cityMount Olympus

Work & Education

OccupationGod of Light, Prophecy, Music, Poetry, and Medicine
Sun chariot driver


Political viewsZeus
Religious viewsI am amazing.

Family & Friends (& Enemies)

ParentsZeus (Dad), Leto (Mom)
SiblingsMy twin sister Artemis (and a ton of half-siblings thanks to Zeus)
ChildrenPhaeton, Aristaeus, Asclepius, Troilus, Linus, Orpheus


Relationship statusSingle (I've had really bad luck with the ladies.)
Interested inNymphs
Mortal women
The occasional young man

Activities & Interests

LikesLaurel trees
Magic 8-Balls
Tarot cards
ActivitiesGiving people obscure prophecies that they'd be better off not hearing
Jamming with the Muses, Pan, and Hermes
Driving the sun across the sky
Music and Poetry

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