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by Tom Stoppard

Arcadia Resources


The Arcadia Archive

A wealth of background information on the play, collected by a British teacher.

Chaos, Fractals, and Arcadia

A guide to the scientific ideas in the play, from the math department of Boston University.

Arcadia Study Guide

Another guide, this one from Skidmore College.

Tom Stoppard's papers at the Harry Ransom Center

Includes images of a program from the original production and Stoppard's drafts of the play.

The Life and Work of Lord Byron

Info on Byron and Caroline Lamb, including links to his poetic greatest hits.

Movie or TV Productions

Original Review of Arcadia

Short version: he liked it.

Paris Review Interview

From five years before Arcadia's opening night.


Tom Stoppard Interview

Stoppard admits to Charlie Rose that he doesn't know what he's talking about. (Skip to 19:30.)


Art and Science from the BBC
British radio hosts an Arcadia-inspired discussion of the place of science in drama.


Nicolas Poussin's "Et in Arcadia Ego"

The painting that encapsulates the Arcadia myth.

Guercino's "Et in Arcadia Ego"

Different painting, same theme.

Thomas Eakin's "Arcadia"

And one more painting for good measure.

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