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Coordinates and the Area Addition Postulate Exercises

Example 1

What is the area of a triangle contained by the points A (0, 0), B (7, 0), and C (0, 4)?

Example 2

A right triangle has an area of 60 units2. If the vertex of its right angle is at the origin and it has another vertex at (12, 0), where can its final vertex be plotted?

Example 3

A circle has a center at (4, -3) and a point P (0, 0). What is the area of the circle?

Example 4

A trapezoid has vertices (corners) at the points A (0, 0), B (0, 10), C (12, 4), and another point D. If the area of the trapezoid is 48 units2 and AB is one of the bases, what are the coordinates of D?

Example 5

The diameter of a circle reaches from (-1, 9) to (3, 3). What is the area of the circle?