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The Basics of Area

There are a whole bunch of different shapes in geometry. At this point, that should be fairly obvious. If there weren't different shapes, you wouldn't be reading this right now.But the sad truth is...

Area of Triangles

When we first started looking at shapes, we began with the simplest possible 2D shape: the triangle. Why? Well, because it was the simplest to handle. Though you probably know by now that those thr...

Area of Rectangles

We've already discussed the different types of quadrilaterals. Hopefully we haven't forgotten what we learned, because they've come back to haunt us. Big time.Since rectangles (and squares, which a...

Area of Parallelograms and Rhombi

Parallelograms are confusing shapes, because if for no other reason, the word itself has many syllables. Why does a shape with four sides need five syllables? Come on, geometry.Luckily, parallelogr...

Area of Trapezoids

Up until now, we've pretty much dealt with variations of the same area A = bh formula. We changed it to A = lw for rectangles and even A = s2 for squares, but it's essentially the same thing. How m...

Area of Kites

There are few windy-day pastimes more fun than flying a kite. Whether you prefer diamond kites, fighter kites, or Hello Kitty kites (they're all the rage now), flying them can make dull windy days...

Area of Circles

So far, we've been looking at areas of triangles and rectangles and trapezoids. Shapes with straight edges and angles and corners. Well, it was fun while it lasted, but we're done with all that bus...

Coordinates and the Area Addition Postulate

We all need a shelter, a safe haven when things get rough. A place we can go when we need to get in touch with ourselves again. For some, it's a physical place like a room or a mountaintop. For oth...
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