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Area of Rectangles Exercises

Example 1

What is the area of a rectangular baking pan that's 10 inches wide by 12 inches long?

Example 2

Solve for the area of the rectangle below.

Example 3

What area of your bedroom floor does your twin size bed (39 inches wide and 75 inches long) take up?

Example 4

You're (finally) off to college! Your dorm room has an extra-long twin size bed, which is 5 inches longer than your twin bed at home. How much more area do you get with an extra-long twin as compared to a regular twin size bed (39 by 75 inches)?

Example 5

You're trying to set the table for Thanksgiving, and you have a square napkin with a side length of 8 inches. What's the total area of the napkin?

Example 6

The square napkin with side lengths of 8 inches doesn't fit at the place settings unless it's folded into fourths. After folding the napkin in half one way and folding it in half again the other way, what is the area?

Example 7

The town square in Tiny-ville is 169 Tiny-meters2. What is the length of a side?

Example 8

A square TV screen has a diagonal of 3 feet. What is the area of the screen?

Example 9

You decide to get your boyfriend a box of fudge for his birthday. At the Fudge-tastic store, you can buy a 4 × 3 inch piece of fudge for $6. At the Fudge-licious store, you can buy a 1 foot × 1 inch bar of fudge for $6. If the fudge pieces are of equal thickness, which store should you buy from for the better deal?

Example 10

Your new mansion has no pool, and summer is fast approaching. If you have a backyard that's 250 by 250 yards and you want to build a pool that's 100 by 50 yards, what percentage of your backyard space will the pool occupy?