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Area Resources

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Area 51

When we said that area is applicable to the real world, we meant outer space as well. Read up about the most famous place with the word "area" right in its name.


Area, à la Shmoop

A quick recap of the basic concept of area, along with an example of how to calculate the area of a rectangle. Enjoy your trip to the second dimension. Bring us back a souvenir.

Going 'Round In Circles

Not only do they sing, they dance! Good thing they don't explain every geometry concept, or else we would be out of a job.

World Freehand Circle Drawing Champion

This guy is the Michael Jordan of drawing circles. If only he concluded with the epic Darth Vader quote, "The circle is now complete." (Insert obnoxiously heavy breathing here.)

Perimeter & Area Song

Confused about the difference between area and perimeter? Learn this song and be confused no longer. Then, try out for The Voice.

Games & Tools

Pyramid Panic

Do you know why the pyramids are the only ancient wonder still standing? It's because the Egyptians were so good at math. Test your math chops in this fun game. Don't get too wrapped up if you lose. #mummyjokes

Perimeter and Area

Here's a fun visual click-through discussing area and perimeter. Isn't it everything you wanted to know about area and perimeter? If not, that just means you're intellectually curious, and we appreciate that about you.

Area Tool

This is a nifty tool that calculates the area of trapezoids, parallelograms, and triangles in real-time. Who knew clicking and dragging could be so educational?

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