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Ares (Mars)

Ares is the god of war, and when he's not causing havoc on the battlefield, he's causing havoc in other people's love lives. Everybody knows that he and Aphrodite have had a thing going on for years, which makes her husband, Hephaestus, none too happy.

Basic Information

NicknameMars, The Boss, Martian
BirthdayBack in the day. Sometime between March 21 and April 19 (I'm an Aries)
Current cityMount Olympus

Work & Education

OccupationGod of War
God of Bloodlust
God of Manliness
EducationSchool sucks.


Political viewsAnarchist

Family & Friends (& Enemies)

ParentsZeus (Dad), Hera (Mom)
SiblingsMy dad has a lot of kids: Apollo, Artemis, Hermes, Dionysus, Hebe, Athena, the Muses, Persephone, Hephaestus, and more.
ChildrenEros (Maybe? Who knows.), Hippolyta, Anteros, Phobos, Deimos, Nike


Relationship statusAphrodite and I have a thing (which constantly ticks off her husband, Hephaestus).
Interested inDating


Quotations"People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf."
– George Orwell

"Everyone's a pacifist between wars. It's like being a vegetarian between meals." 
– Colman McCarthy

"The object of war is not to die for your country, but to make the other bastard die for his." 
– George Patton
BooksI'd rather play with my LEGOs than read, but these are my favorite books:
Arms and Armor (Eyewitness Books)
Soldier (Eyewitness Books)
Battle (Eyewitness Books)
Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus : The Classic Guide to Understanding the Opposite Sex
Men's Health: The Book of Muscle
MusicJohnny Cash, especially Folsom Prison Blues
Black Sabbath
Iron Maiden
MoviesApocalypse Now
The Hurt Locker
TV Shows24
The Unit
Game of Thrones
Life on Mars
The Ultimate Fighter

Activities & Interests

LikesSome animals: boars, dogs, vultures, wolves
Weapons, especially swords and spears
DislikesThe God of War video games. The plot of the game is totally stupid. What mortal could ever defeat me?
The Percy Jackson books. No mortal 12-year-old can beat me in a fight, especially not a measly son of Poseidon.
Smashing, slashing, hacking, blowing stuff up
Call of Duty
Gears of War
Grand Theft Auto
Mortal Kombat
InterestsMassive devastation
Martial arts

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