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Ares (Mars)

Ares (Mars)

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Ares (Mars) Photos

    Statue of Ares
    I am a total stud. [Plaster replica of a Roman copy of a Greek statue.]

    Ares and Aphrodite
    Stop taking all my stuff, guys! ["Mars Disarmed by Venus and the Three Graces," Painting by Jacques-Louis David, late 1700s or early 1800s.]

    Ares Lost in Thought
    This moustache was probably a bad idea. [Painting by Diego Velázquez, c. 1640.]

    Ares and the Tudors
    I have famous friends. [Painting attributed to Lucas de Heere, c. 1572.]

    Doves in Ares' Helmet
    Maybe I should have been mad that some birds decided to nest in my helmet, but... fine, I admit it, they were cute. [Painting by Joseph-Marie Vien, 1768.]

    Ares Sitting with Aphrodite
    Aphrodite was just staring at a mirror for hours, and I finally had to tell her to get a grip. [Fresco in a house in Pompei, Italy.]

    Ares and Family
    Look, a puppy! I mean, ahem… [Painting by Paolo Veronese, 1500s.]

    Ares and Athena Fight
    Athena and I were having a big fight, and Zeus broke it up. I was totally going to win, though. [Greek ceramic figure, c. 540-510 BC.]

    Ares Losing to Athena
    Come on Athena, gimme a break. [Painting by Joseph-Benoit Suvée, 1771.]

    Ares in Germany
    Watch out, tourists! [Statue at Sanssouci Palace, Potsdam, Germany. Photo by Steffen Heilfort, 2009.]

    Small Statue of Ares
    This was during the phase when I got a peg leg and tried to become a pirate. [Roman bronze statuette, 1st-2nd centuries AD. Photo by Marie-Lan Nguyen.]