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Argus Photos

    Useless Eyes
    All my awesome eyes didn't help me when Hermes came to kill me. [Ancient pottery from the Classical Period]

    Sleeping on the Job
    What can I say? I get a little sleepy when I listen to music. [Argus, Mercury, and Io by Jacob van Campen, 1630-1640]

    Being Killed in My Sleep
    I wonder if Hermes felt even slightly bad about this. [Story of Mercury and Argos by Diego Velazquez, 1659]

    Yeah, I Hate Hermes
    Look, he's showing off the fact that he cut off my head! [Juno Receiving the Head of Argus by Jacopo Amigoni, 1730-1732]

    A Dubious Honor
    I know she meant it as an honor, but it was kind of weird when Hera put my eyes on the tail of her peacock after I was killed. [Juno Puts the Eyes of Argus onto the Tail of a Peacock by Peter Paul Reubens, 1611]