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Argus's Wall


This all-seeing thing is kind of tiresome sometimes.

Want me to come put you to sleep again?

I think I'll pass.

What? You don't want to rest all those pretty eyes of yours?

Sure, but I'd rather not have my head chopped off again.

Man, you try to help a guy out...

I'm currently looking for work as a cowboy.


Yeah, because you did such a good job watching over me when I was a cow.

Everybody deserves a second chance.


I'm sick of hearing you complain all the time about having your head chopped off while you were asleep. You did the same thing to me!

You were eating people!


It's a free country.

Not that free.


For the record, I'm glad you got your head chopped off.

Kind of harsh, don't ya think?


You made me a prisoner.

I was just doing what Hera told me to.


You are not excused for listening to that horrible goddess.

You did sleep with her husband.


How could I say no to Zeus?!

She's right. I'm a real charmer.

I want a divorce.

I've a got a guest spot coming up on the Life is Strife! talk show. Everybody tune in.

You'd better watch out, my loyal servant. Eris is a tough host.


Oh, I'm not that bad.

We'll see.


I for one, can't wait for your appearance.

What's that supposed to mean?

I wish Io would stop hating me. Wasn't her life worse after Hermes killed me? I mean, she had to wander the earth aimlessly while being stung by a gadfly.


That gadfly was awful...

See, we ought to be friends!


I still hate you.

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