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Arrow of God

Arrow of God


by Chinua Achebe

Arrow of God: Quotes (What was Said) True or False

1. Who asked, "Has anybody ever asked why the head of the priest of Ulu is removed from the body at death and hung up in the shrine?"? -> Ezidemili
2. Who "was the only man among Ezeulu's friends and kinsmen who still came now and again to see him"? -> Akuebue
3. Who "thought once more of his fruitless, albeit cursory, search for the door of the new moon"? -> Oduche
4. Whose "dominant feeling was that more or less he was now even with the white man"? -> Ezeulu's
5. Who had "had taken exception to Unachukwu's know-all airs which the last catechist, Mr. Molokwu, had done his best to curb."? -> Mr. Goodcountry