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Arrow of God

Arrow of God


by Chinua Achebe

Arrow of God Religion Quotes

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Quote #10

…Ulu had chosen a dangerous time to uphold that truth for in destroying his priest he had also brought disaster on himself, like the lizard in the fable who ruined his mother's funeral by his own hand. For a deity who chose a moment such as this to chastise his priest or abandon him before his enemies was inciting people to take liberties; and Umuaro was just ripe to do so. The Christian harvest which took place a few days after Obika's death saw more people than even Goodcountry could have dreamed. In his extremity many a man sent his son with a yam or two to offer to the new religion and to bring back the promised immunity. Thereafter any yam harvested in his fields was harvested in the name of the son.

In a moment of desperation, and in a moment when the people see their god turning against its very own priest, the people of Umuaro turn to Christianity. When the Christian protection against Ulu's wrath seems to be effective, the people turn to the new religion in droves. From that day forward, their crops are harvested because the Christian god offered protection for their harvests.

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