Arrow of God
Arrow of God
by Chinua Achebe
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Arrow of God Revenge Quotes Page 4

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Quote #10

But in spite of all this Ezeulu's dominant feeling was that more or less he was now even with the white man. He had not yet said the last word to him, but for the moment his real struggle was with his own people and the white man was, without knowing it, his ally. The longer he was kept in Okperi the greater his grievance and his resources for the fight. (15.4)

Though Ezeulu had grievances with both the white man and his people, he is more concerned with seeking revenge on his people. While he's detained at Okperi, he plans how he will get back at them. Though he doesn't reveal his plan through the narration here, he does know that the longer he's away, the more his people suffer.

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