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Arrow of God

Arrow of God


by Chinua Achebe

T.K. Winterbottom Timeline and Summary

  • Winterbottom stops the war between Okperi and Umuaro. He breaks all the guns in Umuaro. After hearing the reports from men in both places, he rules in favor of Okperi, mostly because of Ezeulu's report.
  • Winterbottom and Clarke have dinner and Winterbottom tells him the story of the war.
  • Winterbottom receives a memo from the Administration and reflects angrily on the policy of indirect rule, which installs petty tyrants over Africans, all because of a misdirected ideology.
  • Winterbottom sends Clarke to find out if there is any truth to the report that Wright had whipped one of the Africans working for him.
  • When Clarke tells him that there's no truth to the story, Winterbottom questions it. He claims that his servants have reported that the entire region is up in arms about it, that an important man had been whipped.
  • Though he believes the policy of indirect rule is misguided, Winterbottom follows orders. He sends messengers to fetch Ezeulu, so he can appoint him the new warrant chief over Umuaro.
  • Angered by Ezeulu's refusal to come, Winterbottom orders an arrest warrant. He hadn't been feeling well, and his rage seems to tip him over the edge. He becomes delirious suddenly and is rushed to the hospital.
  • Winterbottom's sudden illness solidifies Ezeulu's reputation s a powerful magician for the Africans who work on the colonial station.
  • Winterbottom is hospitalized, and people discover that he has a relationship with the female missionary doctor who runs the hospital, Dr. Mary Savage. She hovers over him, giving him the best care.
  • When Clarke reports that Ezeulu has refused the warrant chief position, Winterbottom tells him to keep the Ulu priest in jail until he learns to be more cooperative.
  • Clarke brings Winterbottom news that the Administration had decided not to appoint any more warrant chiefs and he's released Ezeulu. Winterbottom's response? "Shit on the Lieutenant Governor!" (15.40).