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Ars Poetica

Ars Poetica


by Archibald MacLeish

Ars Poetica Resources


Letter from MacLeish to Henry Morgenthau (former Secretary of the Treasury)

MacLeish gets mighty emotional but grateful over salvaging the nation's most precious documents following the attack on Pearl Harbor.

One-Stop MacLeish Shop

Here's all you could ever want to know about the poet and his most famous poems.


The Moon and a Deep Voice

Check out this video interpretation of our favorite poem, sounding all deep and dreamy.

Mini Movie for "Ars Poetica"

Here's a cool interpretation made by students.

More On Imagism from Yale

Here's some background about modern poetry and the movement of Imagism that helped to inspire MacLeish's work.


Night-entangled Trees

Here's an earnest reading against a black and white photo.


Bookish MacLeish

Here he is, nestled between some books from the Library of Congress.

Winter Moon Climbing

Here's a good idea of what that moon might have looked like climbing in the sky.

Articles and Interviews

The Paris Review and MacLeish

This is probably the most thorough interview with our man that you'll ever find.

Papers, Letters, and Drafts, Oh My!

The Library of Congress has it all, including some insight into our man's personal relationships.


Archibald MacLeish

Grover Smith breaks it down for us and gives us some ideas about that final line in "Ars Poetica."

To the Moon: An Anthology of Lunar Poems

Like the moon? Carol Ann Duffy gives you more poems about the moon than you can handle (including our favorite, of course).

Deconstruction: Critical Concepts in Literary and Cultural Studies

Don't be scared by the title. We promise there's some interesting stuff in there about all the "muteness" in poetry, particularly in "Ars Poetica."

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