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Arthur Miller Video & Audio

Miller speaks

A two-part interview with Miller about HUAC.

Charlie Rose

A fascinating 1992 interview with Miller on the state of modern theater.

Death of a Salesman

An interview with Miller about his reasons for writing the play, spliced with scenes of Dustin Hoffman's performance in Death of a Salesman.


Miller speaks about his atheism.

The Crucible

Miller and his son-in-law Daniel Day-Lewis speak about the play before the release of the 1996 film version.


Miller's obituary on NPR.

Monroe Interview

Marilyn Monroe is interviewed about Miller after their engagement. (The sound quality isn't great, but watching the 1950s paparazzi in action is compelling.)

Monroe Interview Number Two

A brief interview with Monroe during Miller's HUAC trial.

Miller and Monroe

A short documentary about the famous pairing.

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